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Buried Alive: The Startling, Untold Story About Neanderthal Man

Buried Alive
Buried Alive
Item# BK-bur_ali


by Jack Cuozzo
280 page Paperback. 1998
ISBN: 0890512388
Retail Price: $14.99

In 1979, New Jersey orthodontist Jack Cuozzo was granted access to the world's most famous Neanderthal skeletons in Germany, France, and Israel. His interest in the mysterious remains began as mere curiosity about these ancient creatures. His findings, though, are sure to shock the scientific world.

Based on his x-rays and photographs, Cuozzo maintains that the key to understanding who the Neanderthals were lies in the pages of aged manuscripts readily available to anyone: the Bible.

Buried Alive chronicles the deception pushed onto the public by atheistic scientists. The information unearthed by one manís quest for the truth could alter the current perception of human origins. Illustrated with never-before-published photographs.


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Fossils and Dinosaurs
Evolutionists hold that this record represents a history of life on Earth over hundreds of millions of years, and used as evidence to support that organisms have evolved from simple to more complex forms. However, most creationists believe that the vast majority of the fossils are instead the remains of plant and animals that died during the Biblical global flood.

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