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The Design of Life Collection

Design of Life
Design of Life
Item# VID-design_life


Introducing the 3-DVD Set of the Internationally Acclaimed Documentaries - offered at a tremendous savings.

o Living Waters: Intelligent Design: in the Oceans of the Earth

o Flight: The Genius of Birds

o Metamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies

During the past four years, enthusiastic viewers have described these Illustra Media films as "the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen," "a stunning, thrilling look at what God has made," "a joy to watch," and "great science with a profound message." Individually, they have touched global audiences of all ages. Now, they are available together - in one beautiful package - at a special set price!

Living Waters, FLIGHT, and METAMORPHOSIS are the first three volumes of the new series, The Design of Life. Together, they explore fascinating evidence for intelligent design, while confronting the myth of Darwinian evolution that has long dominated the scientific establishment.

These remarkable films are highlighted by technical and artistic excellence comparable to the BCC, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel (FLIGHT has been broadcast on PBS affiliates throughout the United States). Photographed in North and South America, Europe, Greenland, and Antarctica, they combine stunning images and computer animation with cutting-edge research and original music to reveal the truth about the origin, beauty, and diversity of life on earth.

The Living Waters, FLIGHT, and METAMORPHOSIS 3-DVD Set include English subtitles, Stereo and 5.1 Surround audio.

Edition Details: o Format: 2-DVD Set
o Published: January, 2014
o Region 0 (All Regions), NTSC
o Format: Color, Dolby, Wide Screen
o Category: Science, Educational Documentary
o Running Time: 127 Minutes
o Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound
o Language: English with English Subtitles
o List Price: $29.95

Customer Reviews:
"I'll admit I've never paid much attention to butterflies. At most, maybe I've noticed an especially pretty specimen wafting by, or spent a few minutes reflecting how amazing it is that a crawling caterpillar should become a winged wonder. But the other night, I gathered my whole family around and watched Illustra Media's brilliant DVD Metamorphosis. Not only will I never look at a butterfly the same way again, I was wholly unprepared for my own powerful emotional response to the truth about these tiny creatures. First, of course, we were all riveted as the program recounted, with vibrant video footage and meticulous scientific detail, the whole astounding life cycle of the butterfly. I can assure you, unless you're a lepidopterist yourself, you've never imagined the mystery and majesty of God's creation as expressed in these miniature marvels - insects that actually, in a very real sense, die to be reborn as almost completely new and glorious creatures. The evidence presented for Intelligent Design in the DVD is compelling. I was left believing the butterfly may be the single best proof in the natural world of the existence of a divine Creator. And as I watched the last few minutes of Metamorphosis, unexpectedly my heart was gripped by the thought, "It's true after all ...resurrection is a reality day I will experience metamorphosis's true after all!" Now, you're probably thinking, "Hank, you already knew resurrection is a reality - you've written a whole book about it!" And that's true. Since I explored the hard evidence for Jesus' resurrection over thirty years ago, intellectually I've never doubted my own coming metamorphosis. But in that moment, watching the awe-inspiring way God has dealt so graciously and beautifully with a humble insect, the emotional reality of resurrection fluttered deeply into my soul on the wings of a butterfly." (Hank Hanegraaff. - Christian Research Institute)

"Wow! As I watched Flight, God's interrogation of Job 'out of the storm' flashed like lightening through my mind, 'Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom and spread his wings towards the south? Does the eagle soar at your command and build his nest on high?' Honestly, I did not think Illustra Media could produce a rival to their astonishing films Privileged Planet and Metamorphosis, but with Flight they most certainly have!" (Hank Hanegraaff, President of CRI)

"Metamorphosis is dazzling, insightful, and thought-provoking, with the power to open closed minds. For those of us who love science but decry scientism, this film affirms what we see everywhere from the latest discoveries in molecular biology to the long-understood twenty universal constants that, in their exquisite balance, make life possible: intention, meaning, and an intricacy that confounds all theories portraying nature as a consequence of dumb forces." (Dean Koontz - Best Selling Author)

"Just one word seems appropriate: WOW! Apart from the cinematography, which was extraordinary, I was most impressed by the lineup of biologists/researchers and the way the story of Flight was told. I must say that I never questioned natural selection until I was presented with the million individual components of just a single feather and tried to wrap my head around how EACH of those components could have possibly evolved its form/function without some kind of intelligent design. And, if required to build a 747, then what about the infinitely more complex bird? What is truly masterful? Is that as the documentary comes to an end, it 'quietly compels' the viewer to wonder and to ask of him/herself the most important question of all: So, who/what is the intelligent designer? The bird itself, or . . .? A perfect place for closing credits! Absolutely fantastic! I'm sending the DVD to my parents for circulation in my family." (C.C. - LA)

"METAMORPHOSIS: THE BEAUTY & DESIGN OF BUTTERFLIES is a fascinating, inspiring, eye-opening investigation into the unique life of the butterfly, a perfect example of Intelligent Design. Reviewing METAMORPHOSIS doesn't do it justice. You must see it. It is that good." (Ted Baehr - Movieguide)

"Tonight my husband, my brother and I sat down to watch the copy of Flight we received today. At the end of the film, sitting in our den, the three of us applauded. Magnificent, elegant, way cool! My brother Tim, who has become convinced of Design declared, 'BARUKH ATA ADENOI ELOHEINU, SHE KAKHALO B'OLAMO' (Bless our Lord God, who has such things in His world!)" (J. R. - WA)

"Having had a copy of Metamorphosis shipped to my brilliant brother in Michigan--who claims he has never, in his 73 years, seen or experienced anything in life that required a Supreme Being or Intelligence to account for it-- I tensed up as the transition came, from the "what" to the "how." My brother is easily turned off by arguments for design. But I needn't have worried. That too was magnificent. The scholarship, the reasoning, the wording, the just plain classiness of every aspect of the presentation, both visual and audio, blew me away. What hath God wrought!" (J. R. - CA)

"What an incredible film! The grandeur and design of God has never been so clearly evident as in a bird's feather. My wife and I were astounded by the intricate mechanisms and intricate details that enable a bird to fly . . . and we were equally impressed with your film Flight. We can't wait to share it with the rest of our family." (R. O. - Seattle, WA)

"These are the BEST Illustra Media films ever!!!!! I just love them! The music made hairs stand up on my arms. The story was very intriguing (my kids keep wowing over the beautiful butterflies and chrysalis). The cinematography was the best ever. Thanks for all the blood, sweet and tears you put into this show. It truly paid off!" (C. S. - NC)

"The producers of Flight should be applauded for their ability to make a film that informs, entertains and amazes. The photography was spectacular. The information was mind boggling. Outstanding work!" (R. A. - AZ)

"For what it's worth, I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in biology, and have been a professional scientist for almost 15 years. I was not really raised a Christian, and was taught to be a Darwinian evolutionist/atheist in the secular universities that I attended (all scientific theories were to be questioned... except for Darwin's - his theory was off-limits). I now fully understand that Darwin's theory has been "protected" from rigorous scientific scrutiny - because if it were not, it would completely collapse due to lack scientific support for its most basic and fundamental principles. Your productions have played a major role in my understanding of this issue, and my personal journey in discovering the TRUE "origin of species". A weak, pseudo-science challenge to evolution would not have convinced me - but, the science behind your productions is first-rate, and would absolutely survive rigorous scrutiny (it definitely survived mine). Please don't underestimate the impact of your work. You guys are changing minds and hearts. Thank you for what you're doing, and please keep the productions coming...I look forward to adding the next one to my collection. " (D.S. - CA)

"This is just a quick note to let you know how happy I am, and praising God! These films are simply outstanding. I love the photography, the animation, the story, the music and the way they all came together." (P. N. - Chicago, IL) " "What an extraordinary piece of work this is. It's simply amazing and so well done! It was one WOW after another, as we watched, with bated-breath, clear through the end of the credits. We congratulate you all." (J. H. - CA)


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