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The Great Missoula Flood

The Great Missoula Flood
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The Great Missoula Flood
Featuring Michael J. Oard
Length: 82 Minutes
Bonus Features: Behind the Scenes, Previews, Interviews
Audience Age: 16+
Retail Price: $19.99

Meteorologist Michael Oard takes you on a tour down the path of the Missoula Flood, from Montana to Oregon. He presents evidence for only one Missoula Flood happening catastrophically at the end of the Ice Age. Michael addresses the controversy of the Missoula Flood from when Bretz first proposed it back in the 1920′s to present day. He also presents evidence for only one Ice Age caused by the Global Flood only a few thousand years ago. Finally, he shares how we can use the Missoula Flood to recognize geologic features around the world caused by the global Flood.

Chapters Include:
• Introduction
• Glacial Lake Missoula
• Flood in Bible History
• Ancient Lake Shorelines
• Ancient Lake Sediments
• Glacial Moraines
• Ripple Marks
• J. Harlan Bretz
• Worldview Conflict
• Overdeepened Lakes
• Gravel Bars
• Ice Dam Breaking
• The Scablands
• The Coulees
• Basalt Erosion
• Dry Falls
• The Ephrata Fan
• Frenchman Coulee
• Palouse Canyon
• Silt Hills & Ripples
• Chaotic Rhythmites
• Burlingame Canyon
• Mysterious Ash Layer
• Wallula Rhythmites
• Wallula Gap
• McMinville Erratic
• What We Learn

Michael J. Oard is a creation scientist with a specialization in Atmospheric Science. He is a prolific author who has published numerous books and papers in widely recognized creationist and secular journals. He worked for close to 30 years as a meteorologist/weather forecaster with the (US) National Weather Service, and now dedicates much of his time to creation science research. Mike's research interested have focused primarily on topics such as evidence for Noah's flood, the Ice Age, and the mass extinction of the Woolly Mammoths. He speaks regularly at creation conferences and other venues and has served on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society since 2001.


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Flood Geology
Creation geology is the study of geology founded on the presupposition that the Biblical flood described in the book of Genesis was a real and historical event of global magnitude, and is therefore also known as flood geology. Creation geologists seek primarily to show that Earth's geologic features are best interpreted within the scope of this Biblical cataclysm; including sedimentary strata, fossilization, fossil fuels, submarine canyons, plate tectonics, salt domes and frozen mammoths.

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