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What You Aren't being Told About Astronomy

What You Aren't being Told About Astronomy
What You Aren't being Told About Astronomy
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by Spike Psarris

Format: DVD
Audience: Junior High–Adult
Lengths: 109 min (Vol 1) + 63 min (Vol 2) + 108 min (Vol 3)
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Volume 1 - Our Created Solar System

This is the first DVD in a series entitled: “What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy”. The “Our Created Solar System” DVD reveals what you aren't being told by the secular media.

In this video you will tour our magnificent Solar System, and explore these wonders in the heavens. Along the way, you will visit each of the planets and many of their moons, through more than 230 breathtaking photographs and graphics from NASA and other sources. You will see how each planet uniquely testifies of its Creator.

Your host is Spike Psarris, a former engineer in the U.S. military space program. He entered that program as an atheist, and left it as a creationist and a Christian.

Discover what you aren’t being told about our Solar System!

Volume 2 - Our Created Stars and Galaxies

We live in a Universe of over whelming size and beauty. It contains about 100 billion galaxies, each of which contains about 100 billion stars. Did you know that according to the secular model, none of them should exist? In this video, you will see how recent discoveries contradict the naturalistic view of history. You will hear the words of secular astronomers, as they admit that their models fail to explain the contents of the Universe. You’ll discover evidence for the design in the heavenly bodies and see over 130 breathtaking photographs. Discover His majesty, and how the stars and galaxies proclaim the glory of their Creator!

In “Our Created Stars and Galaxies” you will travel beyond the Solar System and explore the entire Cosmos, through 130 breathtaking photographs, videos, and graphics from NASA and other sources.

Secular astronomy models fail to explain the heavenly bodies. Conversely, the Biblical account of Creation is consistent with what we see. Also, viewing the Universe in light of Scripture gives us tremendous insight into the Creator's majesty, His character, and what He has done for us.

Volume 3 - Our Created Universe

Our Universe – What is its origin? Did it form in a Big Bang event billions of years ago? Or are the heavens consistent with the Biblical account of creation instead?

Our Created Universe explores the fatal problems and self-contradictions that are built into the foundation of the Big Bang model. You don’t need to understand complicated physics to see why this model is false. The Big Bang is a popular creation myth within Western culture today. Secular cosmologists claim that this idea is a valid scientific theory, well-supported by the evidence. These claims are false. Not only is there abundant scientific evidence against the Big Bang, the model contradicts itself, and has absurd implications. An objective evaluation of the evidence does not support a self-creation of the cosmos—instead, the heavens declare the glory of God.

Discover what you aren’t being told about our Universe!


Our Created Stars and Galaxies
Our Created Solar System
Our Created Universe
Introduction to Meteorology & Astronomy
Creation Astronomy
Creation Astronomy explains stellar phenomena and the contents of the Universe (from the level of elementary particles to the largest superclusters of galaxies) using the presupposition that the cosmos was created by God.

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